Tin WhiskersWhisker problems have been experienced by SMART Group members on PCB surface finishes and component terminations. Even when all of the existing mitigating practices have been followed [these problems] can still occur....

Given the long history and current use of electroless nickel, both on circuit board bare fabs and components, along with the historic tin whisker testing on nickel coated components, it looks like the search for an effective, easily-reworkable, easily-implemented, cost-effective process for the elimination of tin whiskers is over.

—John Burke, RoHSUSA.com

LDF Coatings Patent-Pending Process

Learn about our revolutionary new process that applies electroless nickel to electronic assemblies to eliminate (not just mitigate) the tin whisker problem. Whisker Inpenetrable Metal Cap Process for Electronic Assemblies (PDF format)

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